Self Development Book Faves!

Self Development Book Faves!

Hello mental health champions, how are you doing? 

My friends, it has been an absolutely crazy couple of weeks. With all the hate and  controversy in the world, I just want you to know that love will always win. Kindness will always win, and unity will always win. 

Now to get into today’s blog post, I want to talk about some self development books that have seriously changed my life and helped me with anxiety. I will link all the books below!

I think my all time favorite book I have read is called “The Energy Bus”. This book is by Jon Gordon. This book is incredible if you feel stuck and unappreciative in your life. This book is also about the laws of attraction and how when you are positive, more positivity will attract and vice versa with negativity. What I love about this book is that it isn’t just like a non-fiction self-help book. This book is actually told like a story with all these incredible messages interspersed without. It also was a super simple and easy read for those who aren’t huge readers.

The next book is called “Unfu*k Yourself”. This book really helped me with my anxiety and worrying about what other people think of me. It helped me to clear my thoughts and stop being so hard  on myself. It is also a no BS book where it isn’;t your typical “be positive” type of book. It really digs deep to help you make a deeper change in your life. 

My next fave is called Uninvited. I do have to admit that this book has a strong christian undertone with a LOT of bible references. I personally think that the message is so good and the bible verses are used to help pad the message. This book is so good in the way that it really helps you find value and worth in yourself. It really makes you feel better if you have ever felt like an outcast in your life. I absolutely love how it makes you look at group events and honestly just social life in a different way.

The next book I absolutely adore is called “Girl Code”. This book is definitely more for the women that read this blog. It is so incredible. This book is all about finding yourself as a woman and how to treat yourself with the utmost respect. It talks about just being a woman in business, at home, wherever. It explains how to always feel your best and boost your confidence. 

The next book is “Girl Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis. Many of you may know Rachel Hollis as she has become a very popular writer in the self development category of things. She speaks mostly to businesswomen and mothers. She explains how to try and find yourself in other ways as a woman. This is the sequel to the book, “Girl Wash Your Face” which is also a cult favorite.

The next book that I love is called “Enough”. This book is also very heavily christian, just a forewarning. However, even if you are not religious, this book is incredible. This was a book that really boosted my confidence and helped me feel proud of who I am. It helped me to learn how to feel good enough for once in my life. If you struggle with this, then this book is an amazing choice. 

Another favorite is called “Jump” by Steve Harvey. This book documents Steve Harvey’s journey to get to where he is today, and spoiler alert- it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Steve Harvey takes a deep dive into what exactly he endured on his pathway to success. Remember that it can feel so daunting trying to reach your dreams and the road to get there is not always a fun one. But he explains how it paid off and also how he has had setbacks in his career.I think sometimes we forget that when we get the job we so badly wanted or hit a huge goal, it isn’t always going to be perfect either. We will still have bumps along the road. He does an amazing job speaking about taking chances and personal growth. 

"Mindset Makeover" won my heart y'all. This book is all about your brain chemistry and how to train your brain to think differently and attract positive affirmations to yourself. It talks about energy and positive self-talk. This is a great one for my intrusive thoughts fam out there. It really helped me feel like I was rewiring my brain from the outside. I LOVE it!


Finally, I have the book called “Mastering Your Mean Girl”. This book is actually great for men and women. It just goes into how to stop bullying yourself and treat yourself with the love that you give others. *Wink, Wink* Some of you may know we actually created a design coining that phrase! I really think that it is a wonderful choice if you struggle with negative self talk.

Now guys, I absolutely love self-development reading. It has seriously changed my life. For those of you who read this blog and struggle with things such as anxiety or personality disorders, I highly recommend trying to read one. I never knew that self development books in conjunction with my therapy would make such a difference, but it totally does. I personally feel like I always feel so much better after therapy. However, the tips my therapist gives me can sometimes dwindle out of my mind as the week goes by. I personally feel like reading these self-development books helps me to basically do my mental health homework. I also have to remind you that reading is such a great form of self care. Taking time out of your day to give to yourself so you can develop your mind is SO important. 

I actually plan to make another blog on self development books soon, because if I am being honest, I have read SO MANY! 

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Talk to you soon brain battlers, Gracie <3

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