Mental Health Support Kit

Hello mental health champions, how are you doing? Today I want to touch on some fun items that can help you if you struggle with anxiety. I have heard about having an “anxiety toolkit” many times. I never actually had a physical kit with items that can calm my anxiety. However, I do have tons of things around my house that I try to go to whenever I am feeling anxious or panicky. These items or variations of them can all be found on Amazon which is very convenient and super quick if you don’t feel comfortable shopping during this pandemic! One thing that can make you feel safe when you are feeling anxious is a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets have become all the rage for those with anxiety and I can totally see why. The weight of the blanket can help you feel safe and warm. This can really help to neutralize that fight or flight response you may feel when experiencing anxiety. The next thing that I personally love is a microwaveable stuffed animal with lavender. I personally have IBS which is always flared up when I am having a rough anxiety week. Heat has always eased my cramping as well as just giving me such a feeling of comfort and warmth. I found these super cute little stuffed animals on Amazon that are infused with Lavender. When you microwave the stuffed animal, the whole animal heats up and smells of lavender. It is such a relaxing experience feeling such comforting warmth while smelling lavender. I swear this puts me to sleep on even my most anxious nights. I also love that I am able to cuddle this stuffed animal because that also gives me a sense of security and protection. Next, I really love getting tea on Amazon. There are so many different teas that people use to help with their anxiety. I personally love ginger to calm my stomach and relax. You can get so many different kinds on Amazon for cheap. I also love all of the reading material and workbooks that Amazon has to offer. I found a workbook that was literally a CBT Anxiety workbook. It is incredible. It comes with so many examples about why you may feel the way you do and ways to ease it. It really helped to make me realize that I must not be alone in how I feel if there was enough info for someone to make an entire book about it! Amazon also has TONS of self-development books that are honestly so good if you struggle with anxiety. I plan to get into some of my fave self development books next week! Next, I love sound machines. I think they are so awesome if you struggle with sleeping. For me, I have actually switched to the Calm app. However, if you don’t want to pay monthly or yearly for the calm app, sound machines are an awesome alternative. They are pretty affordable and usually come with a lot of different sounds. I personally use sounds to take myself to a different place. I use the sounds to visualize a different environment which in turn helps me to relax. Something else that can really help your body in so many ways is WATER. Drinking water always helps my physical health by keeping me hydrated and my body nourished. However, drinking water also helps me to feel less anxious. I almost use water as one of my repetitive anxiety behaviors. If I am going to be having a compulsion, a good one to have is drinking water and staying hydrated! I personally think that part of getting yourself to drink water consistently is having a water bottle that makes you want to drink! I like ones that are metered out so you know how much to drink every hour. I also love when my water is cold, so I usually buy ones that will keep my water freezing throughout the day. Amazon literally has a million affordable water bottles. Next, I really love the fidget toys Amazon offers. Amazon has so many awesome fidget gadgets and toys to help the anxious person. I know for myself, if I am anxious, my OCD kicks up and I end up taking part in compulsions. Recently, I have had a hard time with just picking at myself. It is so disgusting and makes me feel horrible afterwards. However, when I switched to getting a stress toy/fidget toy, it made me feel so much better. It is more of a healthy way to get rid of some of my anxiety. One cool option is what Amazon calls a fidget ring. It is a ring that looks stylish but actually moves in a way that you can spin it. This is such a good way to keep your hands busy without being outwardly obvious. One of the last items is an adult coloring book. This is yet another example of a way to channel your anxiety in a healthy and relaxing way. If you are interested in any of these items, I will leave all of the links below! If you think of any anxiety support items you love, email us at 

Talk to you soon brain battlers, Gracie <3

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