Brain Battle Blog Introduction

Brain Battle Blog Introduction

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Hello mental health champions, how are you doing? 

Well it is very nice to meet you. This is my first EVER blog post on our website and I could not be more excited to start blogging. I have always loved writing and sharing my experiences. For being only 21 years old, I have gone through more than a lot of others probably have. I don’t say this to compare or invalidate other’s problems, I just say it so you know that this blogging series will detail very personal events that have happened in my life. I also hope that you will realize that I have gone through a hell of a lot of life at this age. Everything I have faced has helped me become who I am. 

So for those who don’t know, my name is Marigrace. I am a college student and am currently unemployed (thanks Covid and Pneumonia). I have one brother and three step-siblings. My parents are divorced and my mother has since remarried, giving me my stepfather.  I live in Chicago with my mom, brother, stepfather, and pup! I have a boyfriend, Vince who is Co-owner of this business with me. We have been together for four years and could not be happier. 

So for y’all to really get to know me, I want to rattle off some basic things about me so we can better connect and I can be like your long distance friend. 

  1. Some of my main hobbies include- sewing, singing, graphic design, shopping, baking, furniture and decor DIYs. 
  2. I have had 14 different surgeries, 3 procedures, well over 20 E.R. visits, ETC. and no, I am not exaggerating...I wish I was! 
  3. I have IBS, Asthma, Tachycardia, Pure OCD, Anxiety, Panic Disorder, and sometimes Depression. 
  4. My favorite ice cream is Mint Oreo.
  5. My dream vacation would be going to Italy.
  6. I am a super picky eater.
  7. I will eat Ranch dressing on almost anything.
  8. I have such a passion for helping people in any way possible.
  9. I have developed a hatred of heights, spiders, and the feeling of being stuck.
  10. In my free time, I LOVE watching conspiracy theory videos, true crime, drama tv shows, and of course- The Bachelor Franchise TV shows (my guilty pleasure).

Alright, now that you know all these random and somewhat pointless thoughts about me, let me tell you a little more about my current life. I am majoring in marketing. I chose marketing because in high school, I took an entrepreneurial class and fell in love with the entire class. I had to create a product, do all the research and finances behind it, and market it. I loved every bit of it and that was what actually made me fall in love with the business world. This was what led to the idea behind Love-Brain. I have always wanted to do something in business and marketing that was related to fashion. One day, I was stumbling around the internet and decided to invest in a couple domains in hopes of selling them one day and making some easy cash. I fell in love with the idea of the name Love-Brain when I texted Vince while he was at work. I pitched him my idea to create mental health apparel as our business. We had both wanted to launch our own business and it seemed like a good idea. Vince was immediately on board and we took off right then and there. In two short months of planning, developing, and creating, we launched our company on August 13, 2020. 

We have been in business officially for over one month and have done so well. We are so thankful to have this business as we continue to build our platform in hopes of helping as many people as possible. We really wanted to do something with mental health because of my personal struggles. We knew that this would be a way to make fun and cool fashions while still helping out in some way. We give a percentage of all purchases to NAMI. 

Now I know that this blog has been a little bit all over the place, but I wanted to fully introduce myself as concisely as possible. I also wanted to give you all some background into what was behind the creation of our business. This is just the beginning as I hope to post at least twice a week. With each blog, I hope to cover things such as mental health, self care, makeup, baking, shopping, and my own personal experiences. I also have created MANY different templates to assist all of you with mental health. I cannot wait to share more and I hope that you will subscribe to my blog posts! 

Talk to you soon brain battlers, Gracie <3
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